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Director's Desk

From the Director's Desk

UTHAN (Urban, Tribal and Hills Advancement Society) is established with a vision for the development of each and every section of society and to work for the reformation and strengthening of the weaker sections of the society especially child , youth, woman and old age persons. UTHAN is working on many issues prevailing in the society, which has somewhere, dragged the common man behind from the development and success as comparison to successful persons. UTHAN is a registered organization, under societies registration act. XXI of 1860, and was registered on 28 th December 1996. UTHAN has vision to strengthen the Panchayati Raj Institutions, to work for the rehabilitation of the insecure child, and to aware people and community about the various issues related to the society and to the common man’s problems including livelihood , education , sanitation ,employment and shelter. UTHAN is also trying to decrease the unemployment problem of the common man by focusing on the vocational training and giving information them about the various schemes run by the Government for the self-employment and self dependency. In this context, being a Director of UTHAN I personally supported many projects for the development of common man and society and continuously putting efforts for the welfare of common man……………………….